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Smart Pulse

Wellness Monitor
to keep a healthy lifestyle

Smart Pulse Effectively Measure Arterial Health & Physical
– Emotional Stress – Convenient Usage with a Phone or Tablet –
Heart Health Monitor

  • Simple operation with one button and compact size for easy travel
  • Convenient usage with a phone or tablet
  • Results are easy to understand for both operator and client
  • Short measuring time (within 3 minutes)

Smart Pulse ?

Wellness Monitor to keep a healthy lifestyle – Stress & Blood Circulation Check-Up in 2 1/2min.

Now, you are able to check-up your health condition in 2 ½ minutes only. The measurement can be easily done at any place by connecting ‘Smart Pulse’ to your mobile devices. Smart Pulse is designed to check ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function, Stress and Peripheral Blood Circulation. It provides objective data to diagnose psychosomatic disorder such as mental/physical stress degree, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, chronic fatigue and blood circulation.

Enhanced Usability

  •  Simple, User-friendly, Non-invasive 
  • Compatible with both Android Devices, iPhone & iPad
  •  Support 6 Languages
  • Web/Cloud Service is available

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  • Cardiac Health Monitor

    – HRV(Heart Rate Variability)

    – Stress Resistance

    – ANS(Autonomic Nervous System) Function

    – Mental & Physical Stress

    – Stress Resilience

  • Arterial Health Monitor

    – Blood Circulation & Blood Vessel Aging

    – Elasticity of Artery & Peripheral

  • Breathing Training & Meditation

    – Improving the ANS Function

    – Reducing Stress

    – Maintaining Balanced Emotional State

  • Web/Cloud Service

    – Management/Storage/Analysis of Measurement Data by Web Server

    – Health Trend Analysis & Statistics Management

How Much Does the Smart Pulse Cost?

This wellness device sells for $500 – $600 on the web. Go look! Our price, since we are marketing to wellness professionals is only $450 and until the end of the year, you can use code Health Coach for an extra $100 off. This is a promotional code. 

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Disclaimer:The SmartPulse is an assessment tool only and has not been approved by the FDA. Diagnosis is the responsibility of a licensed practitioner. For usage and interpretation of medical results consult a physician or qualified healthcare professional. Seek the advice of a physician or qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have about the your health.